What we do?

With smartATX you will have peace of mind because we offer an IT support plan that will never be a surprise to your budget.

Why choose us?

Our ONE CLICK solution:

By giving you easy access to computer support and making your experience as simple as possible. We will solve your minor computer problems before they can affect you or your budget.



At smartATX we love technology and for 10 years we have  been resolving computer issues by giving a simple experience and the best computer expert team that truly enjoy working for you.

Our awesome features


ONE CLICK solution

Let us know that you are having a problem using any form available today. (APP, Website, Email, Phone).

PC maintenance

By keeping your computer healthy we will reduce the chances of having to buy a new computer more often.

FREE pickup and delivery

We understand you have a busy life, let us take care of the driving for you. We will pick up your computer at your house or office and we we will bring it back as soon as it has been repaired.



Our IT Help Desk is available to you during normal business hours to assist with any general questions you may have.

After hours support

After Hours Support available any day of the week 365 days a year.

Choose your packages & pricing

We would like to offer you a special price.

  • 1 - 6
  • 1 hr per PC
  • 4 hrs per PC
  • 1 per PC
  • 1 per month
  • 1 hr per PC
  • $39.99
  • 7 - 15
  • 2 hr per PC
  • 8 hrs per PC
  • 1 per PC
  • 2 per month
  • 2 hrs per PC
  • $49.99
  • 16 - 24
  • 3 hr per PC
  • 12 hrs per PC
  • 2 per PC
  • 3 per month
  • 3 hrs per PC
  • $59.99
  • 25 +
  • 4 hr per PC
  • 16 hrs per PC
  • 2 per PC
  • 4 per month
  • 4 hrs per PC
  • $69.99

After Hours Available at a billiable rate of $80 an hour

Our best clients

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